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Linda – Alaska

Started work with company in 2014. The first week two women had quit; one literally telling the supervisor off. I knew in my interview that the supervisor micromanaged her employees, watching us all on camera’s in the office. She and I began bumping heads big time. She outright bullied and made all employees feel uneasy. The work environment was toxic, period. I left the company looking for other work. During 2015, I worked for them on call while still searching for a better job. First part of this year, I was putting in more hours, and I learned to stand up to her finally. During this time I was back, the owner was outright rude, disrespectful, and a bully himself. Five minutes to 5:00pm, he overheard me say a vulgar word. And he turns around yelling at me in front of the other employees. Now, all the girls downstairs swears time to time. So after 5, I went upstairs to apologize. The owner turned around put his finger in my face stating, “you’d better be”. I replied whoa, there’s no need for that. And again, points his finger in my face, yelling “I own this company. I will treat you however I want to. I own this company”, then turns and walks away. I said to him, well you’re being a bully. He takes a few steps, looks at my supervisor screaming, you get her out if here. I was shocked.

Since I came back to work full-time, I was treated indifferent compared to others, and he was always cold to me.

Now that I’m our of there beginning last Friday, the indigestion I was experiencing, as well as the gnawing in my gut finally went away.

It’s unbelievable that he’d behave like he did. I mean, really? Now I’m dealing with Unemployment, again, regarding this same employer.

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