Meet our team of Bullywhisperers who specialize in providing advice and techniques to derail bully behavior…

Dr. Lynne Curry, the founder of Bullywhisperer and author of Beating the New_Linkedin_photo_2013compressedWorkplace Bully, also founded and runs The Growth Company, Inc, a management consulting, training and HR On-call company. Curry has worked in the area of workplace bullying since 1996, and has coached targets and bullies and helps individuals and organizations deal with bullying via customized training and consulting. In addition to her doctorate in Social Psychology, Curry has a Senior Professional in Human Resources Certificate. Curry’s “Dear Abby of the Workplace” business column has been published since 1983 in the Alaska Dispatch News as well as five other newspapers.

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Have a bully boss?  I can help you.  I am a chess player that thinks strategically at least five moves ahead.  This skill set was developed with nine years of criminal investigation experience, two years of EEO investigation experience, combined with twenty-five years of trial litigation experience.   Strategic thinking = success.  Tell me your story and together we can develop a strategic plan to combat your bully.  Sticking your head in the sand like an ostrich will get your feathers blown off.  Doing nothing is not an option.

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j-yuhasJennifer Yuhas possesses an extensive background in executive coaching, negotiations, liaison work, team building, group processes, policy assessment, advocacy, communications, change management, crisis management, image consulting, speech coaching, capacity development, and strategic planning. 

She most recently served as the Negotiations Strategy Lead for the Pacific Salmon Treaty with the Alaska Delegation, and as the Joint Pacific Alaska Range Complex (JPARC) Airspace Planning Negotiations Lead for the Alaska Department of Fish & Game. 

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